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    The brand was founded more than 50 years ago in 1965 and was the first brand to introduce polyurethane wheels in skateboarding and this changed completely the whole skateboarding scenario since then. Before Kryptonics wheels were made out of clay, wood and iron. When skaters first tried Kryptonics wheels they said “I feel like spiderman”.
    Kryptonics offers a complete range of skateboards, cruisers and longboards. Skateboards are designed in California and their style is appealing to most skateboarders all over the world. Kryptonics is a very versatile brand and is sold both in general sporting goods stores as well as in core stores and some toy stores.

    The original urethane wheel brand. Delivering innovation since 1965. Pioneering and perfecting the first true urethane wheels. Gaining quick popularity from legendary pro’s like jay adams, stacy peralta and tony alva. The need to innovate has never slowed down and now kryptonics has grown to be the largest volume skateboard brand in the world. Offering a huge range of shortboards, cruisers and longboards in all different levels, shapes and sizes.

    50 Years of Kryptonics - The Brand

    1965 – 1969

    Kryptonics Incorporated is founded, begins manufacturing plastic wheels and research and development in urethane and wheel technologies. Kryptonics changes quad skating forever with the development of the urethane quad wheel.


    Kryptonics fuels the skateboarding explosion with a new generation of skateboard wheels made of urethane. The Kryptonics difference takes shape and skaters recognize the Kryptonics brand as the best in smooth, grippy urethane wheels.


    Kryptonics wheels introduced Start-Trac urethane technology with two different hardnesses – soft blue 70mm and firm green 70mm. Star-Trac is the first to offer exact bearing seat tolerances.


    Manufacturers being to sponsor individual skaters. Kryptonics sponsors the best individual skateboarders of the area. Kryptonics skateboards are introduced and take off.


    The Krypto Bowl in Los Angeles, California is a premier spot for pool skating.


    Classic Kryptonics boards are launched. The famous “Krypstik”, “KB2” and also few high quality innovative Foam/Fiberglass decks.


    Pool skating gives way to plywood ramps. Kryptonics is the first to offer a dual urethane wheel for added grip and speed called the Kryptonics Gamma Reactors.


    Kryptonics expands to meet the changing landscape of skateboarding from pool to wood ramp to street skating over the next decade.


    The Rusty Harris Series is started which evolves into the National Skateboard Association.


    X-Games is born and Skateboarding is a featured sport in the 1996 Olympics opening ceremonies along with the in-line and bicycle stunt.


    Kryptonics becomes number one selling skate brand in the general sporting goods market.


    Kryptonics celebrates almost 40 years in the industry relaunching the series of skateboard components and equipment, as well as a new line of individual skate decks.


    Kryptonics changes the way skateboards are sold in sporting-goods and mass retail.


    Kryptonics becomes #1 volume skateboard brand in the world.


    With the popularity of the X-Games and mainstream brands such as Vans and Kryptonics, skateboarding has made a successful crossover from sport core into a viable mass-market category.


    Kryptonics expands product lines to include retro-cruisers and long boards, offering greater variety and bringing the growing longboard trend to sporting goods and mass retail.


    Kryptonics introduces the original Torpedo, and becomes the first manufacture to offer polypropylene deck retro skateboards outside the specialty market.


    Due to on-going demand for original retro product, the classic line of Kryptonics Star-Trac wheels is reintroduced to the core industry specialty shop market.